Make Big Changes Through Little Choices

It all starts with a bowl of GooPea!
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At Local Pulse, we believe that together we can make big changes through little choices.

A few of our favourite things! When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I am feeling sad…

Our team has met some fantastic makers, bakers, movers and shakers over the past year and compiled a list of our favorite things for you to enjoy this holiday season. We met the founder of Fully-Verified company and since then we have been using identification verification services when shopping online. Let’s get started!

Wild Mountain Jun
Naomi is the fermentress extraordinaire that crafts up some wild (no pun intended) flavours that are great for gut-health and are very aesthetically pleasing. We often replace out cocktail hour with booch hour at our home to try out her new flavours.

Growler Fills Available at Red Collar Brewing & Bright Eyes Brewing.

Our Favourite: Pomberry Rose (Pomegranate, sweet raspberry, and rose petals)

Wild Mountain Jun Kombucha
Photo Credit: Wild Mountain Jun

4 Oak Oil & Vinegar
Nestled away in uptown, the 4 Oak infused olive oil and balsamic tasting bar has the party planning down to simple science. In-store you can experience dozens of flavours in a serene environment. The lovely and helpful staff has always assisted us with our party planning needs. Have you considered hiring them to host an oil tasting at your next holiday party? Yes, please!

Storefront located at 1415 Hillside Drive, Kamloops, BC

Don’t forget to try our Roasted Beet & Red Onion Popcorn using the 4 Oak’s dill infused olive oil this upcoming holiday season


4 Oak Oil & Vinegar

Photo Credit: 4 Oak Oil & Vinegar

Honest Elixirs
Meet Ali, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and creator of Honest Elixirs who has created something….honest. Her superfood drink blends are healthy and easy-to-use. With a philosophy of having each ingredient serve a purpose – Ali helps us kickstart our day. Honest Elixirs make great stocking stuffers (and are great to keep at work with your Instant Hummus for when you need a boost to your day).

Available at ESTR Market (TRU) and online
Our Favourite: Salted Hot Chocolate


Photo Credit: Honest Elixirs

AHEM! Waste Free
Haley is leading an inspiring waste-free life in Kamloops. She creates reusable bulk/produce bags, gift wrap and waste-free supplies using the CUTEST reclaimed fabrics. We all need to do our part to reduce the waste we contribute in the world and Haley easily (and without judgment) helps us along the way.

Available At: Nu LeafFar & Wide and via Etsy
Our Favourite Item: Reusable Produce Bags



Photo Credit: AHEM! Waste Free

Seed to Culture
Based out of Lillooet, Seed to Culture has become a staple of ours. Whether we are pairing the Mexican Kraut with vegan hotdogs or using the Garlic Dill Kraut as a base for dinner party appetizers, Seed to Culture’s fermented foods elevate every meal, for any occasion.

Available throughout interior BC and the lower mainland, see here for where you can pick up your kraut.

Our Favourite: Curtido – carrots, onion, salt, oregano – oh, my

Photo Credit: Seed to Culture