Plant Based Super Foods - The Pulses

By the Award Winning Pulse Expert - Founder, Kent Fawcett

Only Natural and Healthy Ingredients

At Local Pulse, we believe that together we can make big changes through little choices.

About Local Pulse

At Local Pulse, we believe that together we can make big changes through little choices. Nobody should regret what they eat. Whatever your regular diet is, we strive to help you reduce your ecological footprint and develop a healthy relationship with food via one easy pulse-based choice at a time.


Why pulses?

Pulses (beans, peas and lentils) are superfoods. Not only are they super nutritious, they are also super sustainable. Pulses have one of the lowest water and carbon footprints of any other protein source, and Canada is one of the biggest growers of pulses in the world!

Pulses form a special symbiotic relationship with nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the soil. These bacteria are able to take nitrogen from the air and trap it in the soil in a form that plants are able to use to make proteins! Otherwise, farmers have to add nitrogen fertilizers to the soil. These fertilizers are one of the main culprits responsible for the high carbon footprint of most food crops. Pulses are so good at enriching the soil where they are grown, they even reduce the carbon footprints of crops grown there afterwards due to the reduced need for nitrogen fertilizers. 

About Kent

Local Pulse’s founder Kent had been struggling with an eating disorder for over a decade when he was finishing his degree in biochemistry at UBC in Vancouver. This education helped him to deeply understand how we truly are what we eat. The more he learned about the metabolic pathways in our bodies, the more Kent realized how backwards his notions about dieting and weight loss were and how many other people were similarly misled. 

This is the time when Kent started to view food as fuel for life instead of as a vice. He began focusing on how food made him feel rather than the effect gravity had on his body and the numbers on the scale.

Kent began to experiment with nutrient-dense, sustainable ingredients to develop foods that people wouldn’t regret eating. This is when Kent fell in love with pulses. Beans, peas and lentils were ideal nutritional powerhouse that were super filling and loaded with protein, fibre and nutrients to nourish the joy of living.

Local Pulse was born from Kent’s passion to help others revive themselves and their planet through pulse-based food choices.