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Sustainability at Local Pulse

"Together, we can make big changes through little choice."

This is our motto at Local Pulse. We believe that the solutions to the tough problems our environment faces will be achieved through the culmination of small actions performed by many.

You don't have to be vegan! 

We see so many people getting discouraged about transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle because they can't commit 100% (bacon and cheese are a thing)

What we would love to help you realize is this:

*Every choice creates an impact!*

(Check out our blog to learn more about the environmental footprints of the foods we eat)


Sustainability is the main goal of Local Pulse and is woven into the fabric of everything we do. Our dream is to have a circular product life cycle where nothing is wasted.

As a small company, it can be difficult to implement green initiatives with our small buying power. We do our best and are continually improving and reducing the footprint of our products.


  • we use 90% organic ingredients and purchase from local farmers in our community when possible


  • we originally set out to use compostable packaging but learned that this is not a thing yet. Many packaging items sold as "compostable" will biodegrade but not